Marriage agreements allow you to protect your interests and assets and avoid litigation should your marriage dissolve. A marriage contract can be entered into prior to marriage or at any time throughout your marriage. The importance of marriage contracts cannot be overstated. Although not the most romantic thing, they can be highly valuable in the event the relationship breaks down. At G Law Group, we can assist you in drafting a marriage contract that deals with matters relating to asset division, debt payments, spousal/child support, wills and estates and alternate dispute resolutions clauses (mediation or arbitration). A marriage contract allows parties to protect their interests without the added cost of litigating them in the event of a dissolution of the relationship.


A well-negotiated and well-prepared separation agreement can be a vital tool following the dissolution of a relationship. A separation agreement allows the parties to come to an agreement mutually without the added cost of bringing the matters before the court. At G Law Group we are experienced in negotiating and preparing equitable separation agreements that will protect your interests with minimal legal costs. A separation agreement that is properly executed can be filed with the court and endorsed in the same manner as a court order. Some matters that can be dealt with in a separation agreement include; asset division, spousal support, child support, parent and access plans etc.