Charges related to drugs fall under the purview of the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act and are prosecuted by the Department of Public prosecutions (also referred to as the Federal Crown). Drug related charges, such as “Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking” or “Trafficking a Controlled Substance” and even “Possession” can carry serious penalties on a finding of guilt and conviction.

The range of punishment is extremely broad under the Controlled Drug and Substance Act.


How Does the Controlled Drug and Substance Act Work?

This Act has multiple Schedules where different drugs are listed and referred to throughout the Act itself. The severity of the punishment, along with other factors, is dependent on the alleged identity of the substance.

Being found guilty of “Possession” of a Schedule I listed substance can lead to a maximum imprisonment term of seven years when prosecuted by indictment; five years maximum for a Schedule II substance on indictment and a three year maximum on indictment for a Schedule III substance.

Been Charged With a Drug Offence?

There are a number of defenses a criminal lawyer will employ to defend against a charge under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act. If a search warrant was obtained and executed, it is important to ensure that proper procedure was followed – if there are defects it may be possible to have the evidence excluded. In some cases, a Charter breach can the effect of the evidence being excluded. To go through this analysis you need G Law Group on your side to ensure nothing is missed and your best defense is being put forward.

Drug related charge can have serious consequences on livelihood, ability to travel and your family and also the chance of a lengthy imprisonment. Pleading guilty without legal advice is not advisable. Let us protect your rights and ensure the prosecution is held to the highest standard of proof.

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